🔹use cases

1. Texilix App premium: As users seek access to premium features, they will need to hold $TEX tokens to pay for subscriptions or unlock advanced functionalities.

2. Staking Rewards: $TEX holders can participate in staking to earn additional tokens or rewards.

3. Community Growth: The mobile app's premium features can attract new users and investors to Texilix, leading to an expanded community. A larger user base can increase demand for $TEX tokens and potentially boost their value.

4. Token Burns: Texilix will implement token burn mechanisms, where a portion of the revenue generated from premium subscriptions is used to buy and burn $TEX tokens. This reduces the total supply, which can positively impact token prices.

5. Governance Influence: Holding $TEX tokens will grant token holders voting rights or influence over project decisions, including the development and enhancement of the mobile app. This gives token holders a say in shaping the platform's future.

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